Kitana Lure - Creeping – Quadruple penetration - 1080p

Kitana Lure - Creeping – Quadruple penetration - 1080p

Porn Stars: Kitana Lure
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We all have extremely dirty sexual fantasies deep inside of our minds. They even make us feel scary but even more they make us horny. We all know that we will never let them become real. We just want to let them tease us. But if you wish for something really strong one day it will become true in one way or another.

Kitana Lure is an experienced incredible woman. Her great body gets attention from the best men in the whole world. Her always hot creamy holes got fucked by many fat huge cocks. But it was never enough for her. Not a single man could give her enough pleasure. She dreams about more. However, Kitana does not know exactly what she is searching for.

Her pervert dirty mind was sending such strong energy flows through the whole Universe. That “Something” could catch it on the other side of our Galaxy…

It was a typical late evening for Kitana. She was already half asleep in her bed when some creepy noises woke her up. She looks around her dormitory and find out a lot of sticky liquid on the floor. She did not pay much attention for it and went back to sleep.

Alien Guest comes to visit Kitana. His huge black tentacles are all around the room. They are seeking for a hot amazing human body. So, aliens want to discover it from in and out and to penetrate all of its wet holes at ones.

Sexy brunette woke up from unknown pleasant feelings. She is frightened and doesn’t understand what is happening. Is she dreaming? Kitana is afraid to make even a single move. Meanwhile, the mix of fear and pleasure blocks her brain to think in a rational way. However, she doesn’t want even to try to protect herself. Kitana wants to discover what her unexpected guest has to show her.

In a couple of minutes tentacles slide all over her body and please her with every touch. Roughly squeeze her already hard nipples they make her moan in desire. Her mouth become their first destination. As a blowjob professional Kitana uses her skilled tongue and plays with Alien’s dicks. The second destination is creamy pussy of our Sleeping Beauty. One by one, tentacles enter tight vagina and move roughly in and out to bring Kitana on the top of sexual pleasure. Finally, the third destination is a tiny asshole. So, two black monsters arrived there. Meanwhile, Kitana is getting closer to the top of sexual pleasure, which none of the human beings ever concurred before. Of course, where more could lead the rough and hardcore Quadruple Penetration by Alien monster?

By the end exhausted and helpless Kitana explodes with a ton of alien cum from mouth and pussy. Enjoy a perfect Cumshot with fresh and hot Creampie!

Duration: 00:11:43
Video: Full HD, 1920x1080
Size: 247 MB

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